-What does bowman do?

At the Line

-Calling the line
-Keep clear

Windward Mark

Starboard approach
-Bearaway set
-Jibe set

Port approach
-Bearaway set
-Jibeset (acrobatics)


-Rule of Thumb

Leeward Mark

-Leeward douse
-Windward douse
-Mexican takedown
-Stretch and Blow


Jib peel

-Dip pole




The most common way to windward mark is to approach the mark on starboard lay line and set on bear away. Simply bear away and set. As simple as it sounds we have all seen, or been on the boat where this maneuver reminds more of a fire drill, that gentleman's sport of yachting.
To the point :
You are approaching the mark on starboard tack, bear away at the mark and set the Kite. After the maneuver we will be sailing down wind on a starboard jibe.
Those are basics, so lets go on the bow.
Because you will be sailing on Starboard jibe your spinnaker pole will needs to be set on starboard side of the boat and spin gear (sheets&guys) on port, as you will hoist the spinnaker on portside of the boat. For this hoist you may want to use port (red) spinnaker halyard. Make sure you are clear of jib and jib halyard.

At the mark.

Set your pole, but be careful and make sure that you are making the mark. You may have seen parade of boats on starboard layline with their poles up 10-15 boatlengts in front of the mark. Next to unnecessary drag created by the pole in the air and that the boat looks like medieval knight ready to charge, you will be in trouble if you are not making the mark. Observe the course and other boats as you may need to tack right before the mark and your pole will be in the way of jib. If you are sure you will make the mark set the inboard end first and then guide that outboard end to clear the pulpit as your pit person is hoisting toping lift. Hoist the kite, douse jib.

Here is sequence of bow work on bear away set.

Bow- Set inboard end of spinnaker pole.
Mast- On the rail as long as the boat turns at the mark. Get ready for hoist.
Pit- Ready to hoist topping lift.

Bow- Guide outboard end of spinnaker pole
Mast- Ready for hoist.
Pit- Set tipping lift.

Note: Height of the pole will be determined by current wind conditions. The stronger the wind the higher pole set.

Bow- Guide the kite out of the bag or hatch.
Mast- Hoist spinnaker halyard.
Pit- Hoist kite, ready to douse jib.

Kite is UP!
Jib down!

Bow- Controls luff of the jib as it comes down.
Mast- Brings the tack of the jib inboard and controls it's douse.
Pit- Eases (opens) jib halyard.

Not over yet. Get ready to jibe!

Tips and Discussion

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